Africa's largest publically traded ICT management and managed services company*
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Integr8 is an ICT management and managed services company founded in 2001.

Integr8’s clients enjoy access to 7,000 high skilled personnel across the group, with more offices on the continent than any other local technology company. Offices also span across United Arab Emirates and into Europe.

Integr8 is the founder and operator of the only South African based Nerve Centre, a hub of technology, skill and process, that is used to support and regulate the ICT environment of many of the country’s leading organisations.

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  • Agility, speed and digital transformation top priority Integr8

    From a technology maturity point of view and the general direction that innovation is taking, digital transformation is considered the top priority for businesses. However, there are challenges and it takes an experienced, highly skilled managed service provider to help clients overcome hurdles that hamper technical progress. […]
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  • Integr8, F5 answer call for more intelligent network traffic management

    There is an increase in demand for intelligent solutions that empower users with the ability to fully control applications running on a network at any given time, and to better manage these applications to free up network capacity – in other words, effectively manage network traffic to […]
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