Africa's largest publically traded ICT management and managed services company*
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Integr8 is an ICT management and managed services company founded in 2001.

Integr8’s clients enjoy access to 7,000 high skilled personnel across the group, with more offices on the continent than any other local technology company. Offices also span across United Arab Emirates and into Europe.

Integr8 is the founder and operator of the only South African based Nerve Centre, a hub of technology, skill and process, that is used to support and regulate the ICT environment of many of the country’s leading organisations.

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  • SA’s spectrum spectacle is an opportunity to learn and grow, says Integr8

    Telecom regulators across many countries across Africa are beginning to focus on available spectrum licenses to advance digital migration. While the majority of countries failed to meet the ITU’s June 2015 migration deadline, there is an increasing number that are auctioning spectrum licenses to generate revenue and […]
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  • ‘5G Could Bridge the Digital Divide’ – Integr8

    The advent of technology forces such as Big Data, analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing to support digitisation in business brought about next generation connectivity infrastructure. Experts in ICT managed services have described the imminence of 5G mobile wireless standard as a breakthrough that […]
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