Virtualisation remains the issue most likely to change the infrastructure and operations environment and Integr8 believes this will be the case well into the future. It will change how you manage, how and what you buy, how you deploy, how you plan and how you charge. It will also shake up licensing, pricing and component management.

IT virtualisation is the abstraction of IT resources so as to mask the physical nature and boundaries of those resources from users. Virtualisation can take place at various points in the IT architecture, and each point of virtualisation creates an opportunity for alternative delivery models — new ways of delivering capability at that layer.

Virtualisation will make it easy to shift to larger resources and it will significantly affect the efficacies of resource management.

At Integr8 we will start with a thorough audit, assess your technology needs and then migrate you onto a new environment making use of virtualisation where we believe it will work and is necessary.

A key benefit of virtualisation is the energy saving. Carbon emissions are cut and companies who are looking to improve their carbon footprint and move toward green IT should definitely be looking at how virtualisation can help them.

However, Integr8 will never suggest a technology overhaul for the sake of it. Here is a quick overview of how we conduct our virtualisation process:

Plan and build a strategy: Integr8 will assess where you can achieve efficiencies through virtualisation, and where to rationalise infrastructure and reduce complexity. Making use of solid technology road mapping, we will ensure investment is related to future savings.

Engineering a Solution: Once we have determined which elements should be virtualised, we will evaluate how to move forward. We will engineer the infrastructure to adapt to cloud and other delivery models, planning for rapidly evolving innovation and a mixed service delivery.

Choosing a solution: Integr8 remains completely vendor agnostic. We will assess which vendor to work with, ensuring heterogeneity and interoperability. If necessary we will use a mixed approach that allows levels of service and costs that suit your company and its needs.

Building and deploying the solution: integr8 has one of the finest technology teams and we will manage all possible variables such as timelines, dependencies, resources, schedules and teams. We will ensure that all internal committees are included in the process and conduct periodic reviews.

Evolving as you do: Integr8 will continue to work with you and your teams and we will ensure that the benefits of virtualisation are tracked at each stage. We will also ensure that as technology migrates your company stays well on track to maintain the jumpstart we have delivered.

For more on virtualisation, please contact Integr8 and we will happily walk you through the many possibilities we can deliver.