Twitterview with Joint CEO, Robert Sussman, discussion Unified Communication

Q: What does strategic management of unified communications mean for a business? #UCIntegr8


The consolidation of all forms of communication onto a single channel for outbound & inbound can improve production #UCIntegr8

This can reduce costs, improve efficiency and keep personnel closer connected #UCIntegr8

Q: What are some of the key benefits of adopting unified communications into your business? #UCIntegr8


There is huge value in keeping people connected, especially in diverse locations around the world #UCIntegr8

Then there is the benefit of reduced costs in terms of productivity, call costs and time for decision-making #UCIntegr8

Q:Your thoughts on Microsoft announcing Skype and Lync to interoperate? #UCIntegr8


The Microsoft and Skype integration is hugely beneficial to B2C and B2B #UCIntegr8

The workplace and home is no longer 2 separate spaces and people like to be connected. Integration between lync and skype #UCIntegr8

People want to connect with their friends and their colleagues  and using a single medium makes sense #UCIntegr8

Q:As social networking and instant communication messaging mediums improve, how important is it for enterprise-type communication platforms to do the same? #UCIntegr8


As social reaches into the enterprise – the enterprise needs to dually connect out of the office #UCIntegr8

This is where conversations are happening such as #Wysetalk and #Yammer #UCIntegr8