Q: How has the role of the IT department changed over the past 5 years? #Integr8

A: the IT department is dealing with more informed users, working on more personal BYO devices…

A: while having to manage more complicated back office systems

A: then there is the added responsibility to manage 3rd parties that support the internal IT department’s delivery

Q: How will these changes impact on the IT environment’s very near future? #Integr8

A: No longer is it good enough for IT leaders to be technical only, they need to understand business and people

A: The CIO or CTO needs to continuously learn and grow in order to ensure they keep up with the latest trends and global standards

Q: Cloud computing is a common option for small to large enterprises, how is it changing the ICT landscape? #Integr8

A: There is huge hype with cloud computing. But a large amount of it is relevant. Businesses are becoming more virtualized.

A: For the first time small and medium businesses have access to the same tools as large businesses

A: The competitive landscape has changed.

A: People need to distinguish between cloud noise and the reality of cloud. It comes down to optimized delivery.

A: Cloud isn’t the be all and end all. It makes sense most of the time, but not all of the time.

A: There are always applications like email first into cloud, followed by other applications not affected by latency

A: then over time companies will allow other apps to follow, provided bandwidth and other capacity allows

Q: The influx of Big Data has caused companies to migrate information from hosted environments #Integr8

How will the relationship between Big Data and Cloud change in the future? #Integr8

A: Big data is now the buzz, with more interaction needed by companies, so on premises and off premises hosting

A: is being closely considered

Q: Gartner predicts the personal cloud will gradually replace the PC as the location where individuals keep their personal content #Integr8

What are your thoughts on this?

A: Google was most probably the first to realize this is Gmail and G-drive then the netbook launched as a buy into this

A: People want access to their data from anywhere on any device

A: The perfect solution is private cloud, the price point is low and will become cheaper and more commoditised

A: ICT companies need to buy into the cloud as this is what the customer wants

Q: Cloud will be center of digital lives, for apps, content and preferences, how will ICT companies respond to this? #Integr8

A: IT evolves, business evolves and IT companies need to respond. Either you change your business model or the market will do it for you.

A: ICT companies will have to adopt the use of more tools to respond to the clients’ needs for apps and personal preferences

A: ICT is not a space where one size fits all. We need to build ourselves around our clients

A: With the adoption of cloud and client personalisation requirements – it is about quick companies vs. slow companies – not big vs. small

Thank you @robertsussman for your time, some great insight here! #Future of ICT #Integr8