The Integr8 Group, South Africa’s largest privately owned managed service provider, has entrenched its position as a frontrunner in the country’s managed ICT services space, having again been formally acknowledged as a Technology Top 100 Company for 2011.
The TT100 programme, established by industry in conjunction with the Department of Science and Technology, acknowledges companies and individuals for being role models in the use or development of technology.
Integr8 first acquired this status soon after inception in 2001. It has continued to meet criteria and, as a result, has remained amongst the country’s leading technology firms.
An annual award ceremony forms part of the programme and over the years Integr8 has received numerous awards for its level of management, innovative solutions and managed IT services.
Last year the company won the award for Excellence in the Management of Systems, and was named as a finalist in three categories including Excellence in the Management of People, Excellence in the Management of Technology, Innovation and People, and Excellence in the Management of Technology.
One of the chief criteria and key elements of the programme is agility or linking technology and innovation. It is within the arena of managed ICT service provision, application of technology in all levels of core business operation and support of essential services that the company has distinguished itself.
Cloud computing and services, consumerisation of IT, unified communications, social networking, outsourcing and mobility are key areas of focus for Integr8. The sophistication of networks and the integration of related security infrastructure, along with cost reduction and improved efficiencies, are priorities.
Organisers of the TT100 programme have invited representatives from Integr8 to attend the 2011 Technology Top Awards to be held in November.
“We are proud of our association and affiliation to this programme. South Africa is emerging as a force to be reckoned with across Africa in the application and integration of ICT services and infrastructure. We will endeavour to remain at the forefront of technology convergence in commerce and the Technology Top 100 Programme,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8.

Posted by IT Online on Dec 1, 2011