Integr8 started as a small business venture conceptualised 11 years ago by joint-CEOs Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff, founders of the only South African based Nerve Centre; a world class technology hub that supports and regulates the ICT environment of many of the country’s leading organisations.

The Nerve Centre is a hybrid composition of people, processes and technologies that allows Integr8 to ‘plug into’ their clients I.T environment, managing and deploying its services via the internet. Over the years, Integr8 has invested tens of millions into the development of the Nerve Centre, one of the key differentiating factors of the company.

The Nerve Centre has allowed for the delivery of the most innovative services that were previously only accessible by enterprise customers, to be delivered to mid-market customers. While some technology companies were historically product focused and are now expanding into the field of the “hot space” of Managed Services, Integr8 has been built with managed services at its core, from the ground up.

Integr8’s managed services portfolio offers management around the complete infrastructure stack.  From global connectivity management to onsite device management and everything in between, the Nerve Centre offers a hybrid solution of remote and onsite service, mouse to mouse. According to Robert Sussman, “Not only are the underlying technologies and processes unique to Integr8, but the way in which services are delivered, completely differentiates the Integr8 model and services.  Our leveraged platform has the luxury of having matured with our customers over the past decade, and is built in a modular way that caters for scalability. The Nerve Centre allows for multiple human and technology touch points into our customers business. As a result, our customers have complete transparent access to our suite of business intelligence tools that allows them insight to our management performance up to the second.