This year’s Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) and the new growth path for the economy, both highlight the need for rapid job creation.

In both the speeches, finance minister Pravin Gordhan, emphasised the need for industry’s involvement to achieve the government’s objectives.

While we are still waiting for more clarity on the details of the national policy, it is important to note a few of the analysts’ comments.

Many of the economists who have commented on the news from government have emphasised that the ambitious goals can only be achieved if there is a significant improvement in infrastructure and support from government – especially in the sectors isolated for targeted growth.

Once again the IT industry is sitting back and saying: “but this is what we have been saying for years.” We have been advocating the urgent facilitation of a robust and competitive communications network. For our ministries to get their houses in order and create an enabling regulatory environment, led by competent and independent regulators.

Similarly, we have been calling for an effective education system where appropriate skills are graduated to fulfill real and pressing industry requirements.

On the upside, we were heartened by the call for a more transparent tender process – again, something we have been advocating for years. We also welcome the relaxation in exchange controls, which will make SA a much more attractive investment region. Now, more than ever, we will need help from our partners in other emerging regions to fulfill our growth objectives.

The time for platitudes is over. If government wants to see meaningful job creation it needs to create a private sector that is globally competitive. This requires significantly improved operational efficiencies. Something which the IT sector is in a perfect position to supply.

We look forward to seeing the details of how Gordhan intends to deliver on his plan, and hope that he does not pass over the role the IT sector will play in creating a new SA.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO at the Integr8 Group