Synaq launches channel partner programme

Friday, 20 November 2009, 11:08
Synaq, a Johannesburg-based managed Linux services and open source solutions company, has launched a channel partner programme for ISPs, ISVs and system integrators, enabling them to provide cost-effective, value-added solutions and earn recurring revenue but at no risk to themselves.
Speaking at the official launch function this week, Synaq CEO Yossi Hasson said the programme effectively removed the need for partners to invest in technology, infrastructure and technical skills in order to provide customers with a suite of messaging-related solutions and services.

“Mail provision, management and security is often the pain point for ISPs as messaging is not their core focus, yet their customers expect them to deliver an enterprise-class service. This requires an enormous investment in infrastructure and scarce resources.

“Synaq, on the other hand, has invested millions in building redundant messaging infrastructure over the past five years. We process over 250-million mails each month. Now our channel partners can leverage our investment and expertise in providing their customers with essential messaging services,” he adds.

These are based around three Synaq flagship products developed on open source platforms: Pinpoint SecureMail, a messaging hygiene offering designed to eliminate spam and malicious viruses from customers’ networks; Pinpoint Continuity which provides full redundancy for mail infrastructure; and Synaq Cloud Messaging Suite, a full messaging and collaboration solution powered by Zimbra.

Additional products and services will be introduced to the programme over time.

All three products, delivered as software as a service (SaaS) solutions, can be white-labelled giving partners the ability to display their own brands on their customers’ interface with the Synaq portal.

Synaq has long held the view that SaaS is set to become the de facto standard for delivery of software applications.  This was echoed by ISLabs co-founder and technology commentator Justin Spratt at the official channel partner programme launch who discussed global trends in cloud computing. He raised the issue of the need for interoperability of different “clouds” and indicated that this was where open source would prove particularly beneficial.

Sam Gelbart, director: software services at Synaq, says 18 months of development had gone into preparing for the launch of the channel partner programme.

“We didn’t focus only on developing robust, innovative Open Source products that would give partners a viable, cost-effective alternative. We have also developed an automated provisioning and billing system that makes for easy sign-up and management of partners’ customers, with minimal input required by our partners.

“In effect, our goal has been to deliver a great all-round experience for both our partners and their customers,” he says.

The white-label provision of Synaq services has been well tested over the years at companies like Integr8IT and MTN Network Services which both incorporate Synaq messaging security and management services in their offerings.

According to Gelbart, the channel partner programme allows for three levels of participation – Basic, Advanced and Enterprise – depending on the number of customers partner bring on and whether Synaq or the partner manages the relationship with the customer.