There is an increase in the quality and quantity of ICT talent emerging from Africa … talent that continues to prove itself on a global stage. In a recent listing of top tech talent grown out of the African region, Top 20 Tech Influencers, published in African Innovator Magazine, Integr8’s joint CEO, Robert Sussman, was ranked amongst the very best of the best – alongside that of Elon Musk, a founder of PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX, and South African entrepreneur and founder of Thawte Consulting, Mark Shuttleworth.

Sussman, co-founder of the Integr8 Group of companies, has been identified as one of the continent’s leading technology talents.

Sussman’s contribution to the company since 2001 (and to the country at large through his ongoing effort to help bridge the digital divide), the company’s growth since its and its continued strength, breadth and depth of service to existing and emerging markets has earned its leadership industry-wide recognition.

This consistent level of growth captured the attention of potential partners. Just a few months ago, the infrastructure arm of Integr8 Group, Integr8 IT (Pty) Ltd. was acquired by the Business Connexion Group, the largest publically traded ICT company on the continent for an estimated R 126 million.

Sussman, whilst proud of the achievement, is more excited about the spotlight on the company and its relevance to the continent.

The company has established a strong footprint in Africa covering nearly 35 key regions throughout the continent including Kenya, Namibia, Nairobi, Tanzania, Swaziland, Angola, Zambia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Lesotho, Uganda, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

“We certainly have a presence in Africa,” he said. “And it is encouraging to be profiled along with several other key role players and stakeholders in Africa’s ICT and telecommunication industries. It is a reminder to us all of what the continent is capable of, how much technology is influencing the lives of people, every single day, in so many ways.”

Sussman believes technology will become more significant as a catalyst for socio-economic change across the continent, addressing issues like education, technical skills development, healthcare and small business development.

At the same time Integr8 will continue to leverage off the opportunities that exist in building business in SA and Africa, and harness the potential that exists within local skills and resources to better the lives of communities.

“It is a huge market with significant potential, particularly in areas like mobility and application of mobile networking infrastructure. We look forward to contributing to its ongoing success,” he adds.