The Integr8 Group, together with its partners Microsoft Corporation and Penquin, has led the charge among South Africa’s most formidable managed IT service providers and their quest to keep delegates at the UN Climate Change Conference connected.

Delegates who attended the UN Climate Change Conference 2011 (COP17), held recently in Durban, had access to fully connected communications stands called SkypeOut kiosks, facilitated through the services of Integr8 and its partners Microsoft Corporation and Penquin.

Integr8 is South Africa’s largest privately owned managed service provider. Its client, Penquin, is a full-service marketing solutions company that provides a range of services including marketing, advertising and event management.

Penquin played an instrumental role in the SkypeOut project, including setting up and managing the kiosks. The company contracted its managed services partner Integr8 to manage the connectivity and telecommunications infrastructure – both of which were central to the overall success of the project.

Management from Microsoft acknowledged the contribution of Team Penquin SA, including the role played by Integr8, in ensuring effective showcasing of Microsoft solutions and the provision of Skype communications and services at the Conference.

Members of the Integr8 team received commendation for their proactive response in dealing with practical connectivity issues and daily maintenance of equipment and infrastructure.

Integr8 has been a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for 11 years and has years of experience in the integration and support of Microsoft-based infrastructure & solution implementation across various industry and sectors.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8, is proud of the company’s contribution to the SkypeOut Project and Skype connectivity at this global event, adding that the Integr8 team relished the opportunity to not only assist in presenting the finest in Microsoft infrastructure, but also in demonstrating local managed ICT skill sets.

“Unified communications and the continued convergence of social networks and social media platforms is a major global driver of business,” says Sussman. “South Africa has upped its game in terms of telecommunications and technology innovation. The Climate Conference was a meaningful international event that relied upon services like Skype and we were delighted to be a part of the team that helped keep everyone connected through realtime communication.”