Money and time





Many companies don’t realise or acknowledge that software is an asset and an asset represents an investment. By managing investments in software licenses and their ongoing, potential cost liabilities, companies can maximize the return on their investment.

Today’s markets are looking for an ICT partner with a strategic focus on software license management. Partners who can deliver value where it matters, when it matters in a flexible frame that supports the end-user.  This is the Software Asset Management Business Unit of Integr8 IT.

License compliance also requires a lot more than counting the number of licenses bought versus the number installed. There are many contractual conditions companies must comply with. Companies are legally bound by the conditions in a license agreement, even though they may not have issued a purchase order or signed a contract. These issues are understood and simply managed by the Integr8 SAM team.

Value Added Services

Value-adds need to be tangible, and Integr8 offers its clients the following value added services:

  • Microsoft Environmental Assessment Survey, to assist you in optimising your environment.
  • Updates from many of the major Software Vendors
  • Proactive software licensing management across multiple Software Vendors (Microsoft, Symantec, Sophos, Adobe, Citrix etc), including regular status meetings.
  • Product roadmap and licensing update sessions.
  • Ability to procure and manage your entire ICT software requirements through a single point of contact.
  • Integr8 will commit to a Service Level Agreement to ensure that its clients can easily measure their service levels.

Remember, SAM isn’t just about license compliance or management costs; it’s also about buying smarter and getting the most from your investments.