Professional Service

Integr8 advises businesses in South Africa and around the world on how they can ensure the best return on their investment from all ICT products and technologies. Integr8 Professional Services supports customers with shared knowledge through the Integr8 engagement model.   By working directly with our customers on architecture and planning services, we help businesses move forward with ICT initiatives.

Integr8 Professional Services consists of Integr8 Consulting Services, Integr8 Technical Services and the Project Management Office. Between these divisions we have a local team of highly skilled professionals.  We work with a wide range of diverse customers and multiple partners around the globe and our collective Intellectual Property allows us to design and deliver the very best solution for each customer.

Integr8 Professional Services works closely with our partners to innovate and deliver new services to the market. This means we provide bleeding edge, proven technologies as a service.

Any engagement with Integr8 Professional Services starts off with a thorough due diligence and, based on this, we advise on how to improve both the infrastructure and the operations. We do not however, advise on technology options for the sake of it. Integr8 works closely with its clients to produce technology roadmaps that clearly map your short- mid- and long-term business goals with the appropriate technologies and processes.

It’s no secret that the companies with the greatest productivity and biggest market share know how to forecast, analyse and plan. To be competitive in the future, and ensure their long-term success, companies must focus on their future markets and apply a well-researched technology development strategy. That’s where technology roadmapping comes in.  Essentially we will match your technology resources with commercialisation opportunities through a consultative process.

A key component of any professional services offering is the skills set involved and Integr8 spends an enormous amount of time selecting and nurturing the finest minds in the industry. We make sure that our experienced team can help you select the right team for your projects and operations. After all, it doesn’t matter how much technology you throw at a problem, unless you have the right minds assessing and running the operations, your company will still not compete.

We can provide the right resources for any stage of a company’s ICT lifecycle including strategic guidance and deployment as well as ongoing support. Our resources and services are done through our Project Management Office which ensures our projects are delivered on time, professionally and within budget. We also have a strict escalation paths which ensures that no problem is ever left without a solution and that all levels of management are correctly empowered to ensure quick effective resolution.

Integr8 can deliver the best technical solutions to ensure that your business is not only globally competitive, but best positioned to become a market leader – Contact us.