An enormous amount of money is spent on ICT equipment and services.  It makes sense then for the procurement function to shift from being primarily a tactical function to a strategic function that can contribute real, measurable value to the business.

Outsourcing your procurement to Integr8 allows you to benefit immediately from experienced procurement specialists support. This avoids the creation of an internal team with the associated skills and the required time for that team to structure itself, its processes and its expertise.

Integr8 manages the procurement process from start to finish and has access to a large selection of the finest ICT products available from across the globe.

All products are thoroughly tested before arriving at a customer’s offices and even our delivery is guaranteed. Because we buy in quantity and have negotiated the very best price available, we can pass our savings on to our customers, ensuring you get not only the best equipment for your particular requirements, but that you get it at the most attractive prices. We also ship to any African destination so we can service even your most remote branch office.

The Integr8 procurement office will also manage all warranties and software licences ensuring that these are optimised. In fact, we offer an advanced warranty over and above supplier standard warranties.

Managing hardware can be particularly tricky as most equipment has generic serial numbers. At Integr8, we barcode and track individual units which means we have a wealth of information about your equipment over and above who made it and what it is. This means we can effectively manage your warranties and repairs taking procurement services to a strategic operational level.

A challenge for many businesses is supplier accreditation to ensure BBBEE compliance.   Integr8 exercises ongoing supply base management, ensuring that customers are getting the finest quality products at the best prices, and they can also rest assured that they are meeting compliance requirements.

Integr8 Procurement is a strategic part of the Integr8 Group’s offering.  To find out more about how your company can benefit from this service, please contact us.