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Data is core to every business entity.  Data is added, accessed, manipulated and used on a daily basis.  It is generated in every project, every account, by every customer, and every email. Without data, businesses can no longer function. However, many businesses rely on loosely formalised or ad hoc approaches to data backup which can lead to decentralized, onsite, unsecure data.

Research by Gartner and others suggest that 75% of a company’s critical data goes home every night, unprotected and often not backed up. The same research suggests that while many companies do backup their data, 34% do not test the backup and that as much as 77% of backups fail. Furthermore, some 84% of corporate intellectual property is now believed to be held in email, an area few companies manage or backup effectively.

Moving away from tape backup, D8taVault is a disk-to-disk based, Online, Offsite, secure backup solution.

D8taVault is a fully managed solution and runs scheduled daily backups on multiple platforms and operating systems.

Scheduled daily backups send change on a bit level over the Internet, using highly sophisticated encryption and file compression. Information is hosted on the Integr8 storage platform at our multiple, protected tier-1 carrier grade hosting facilities .

D8taVault is completely managed and has comprehensive reporting. Companies can access their data around the clock without the intervention of IT personnel through secure remote web access functionality.

Bandwidth is managed by using trickle transfer technology and companies can rest assured that because their data is stored off site they will experience less downtime and greater security.

Integr8 is passionate about open standards and the D8ta Vault JAVA client allows functionality across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

For more information on how Integr8 can assist you secure your data, please contact us.