How do I activate the service?

No activation needed – simply dial 087 15 00 888 follow the prompts and make your international call.

Can I use a landline to make a call?


Do I need to activate international calling on my cell phone?

No just dial 087 15 00 888 it’s a local call.

What countries can I call using this service?

View the list here!

What is the difference between using this service and using the international calling card?

Unlimited calling minutes, no limited expiry date. No hidden costs, no advance payment, simple pay as you use.

What if I have international calling barred on my cell phone?

All you are doing is making a local cell phone call, which we reroute to an overseas number, so international call barring will not affect you.

What does it cost to use this service?

The cost of your call will vary depending on which Cellular service provider you’re calling from, and at what time of day you’re calling.

Remember that all you’re paying for is a normal cell phone call to a cellphone number. So if you want to know exactly what your call will cost, please contact your cellular provider and ask what their call rates are to a cellphone for the particular calling package/contract that you’re on.

If you still have any questions, please contact our customer service team at: info@integr8group.com