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Delivering IT has always been an act of balancing the cost of resources with the levels of service delivered. Even though processor power has increased by many orders of magnitude over the decades, so have both user demands and the size and scale of workloads to be run.

Today’s higher-specification hardware platforms supporting technologies like virtualisation, enable organisations to do more with less, and support the ultimate goal of making best use of available resources. However this often requires infrastructure such as servers, routers and switches that can handle the speeds and volumes of the true high performance environment. Managing this all in-house can be costly and impractical for the average organisation.

Having a single integrated view of the complete enterprise ensures that every person has the right information in the right format and at the right time to make the best possible decision.

Downtime because a fault was not immediately detected, or predictive maintenance was not carried out because the consequences were not visible, is no longer acceptable.

Since 2001, Integr8 has been refining its infrastructure management offering and now operates the only ICT Nerve Centre® on the Africa continent.  This technology hub allows Integr8 clients access to 24/7 support from a team of the best skilled professionals in the industry through a single contact point.

Predetermined escalation paths mean clients have access to technical skills appropriate to their requirements and Integr8’s superior relationships with key vendors means direct access into the vendor organisations – ensuring super-fast turnaround time to any problem.

If onsite technical skills are required, Integr8 will deploy its personnel to clients to ensure that efficient and skilled resources are available to liaise with our remote teams – ensuring uptime and therefore optimised business processes.

Integr8 can remotely manage all infrastructure which means faults are more often than not fixed before the customer is even aware of them.  Our tier 1 carrier grade networks are extremely robust ensuring uptime and speeds comparable to the best in the world.

Integr8 understands that Service Level Agreements are key to managing ICT and we sign back-to-back agreements with our customers and our vendors ensuring complete transparency and delivery. These SLAs are reported against allowing for measurable performance and ongoing improvement.

Integr8 offers a fully outsourced service as well as solutions which can be tailored specifically for your company and its own unique technical and business needs. At Integr8 your company is guaranteed global best practice at a realistic cost.

Contact the Integr8 team to find out how we can optimise your ICT infrastructure and lower your TCOs