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How does Integr8 Fax Work?

Integr8 Fax combines fax and email technologies to allow you to send and receive faxes via your computer.

Incoming faxes via email

There is no limit on the number of faxes you can receive, because receiving faxes via email is a FREE SERVICE. Simply give clients, customers and contacts your 086 fax number which, because it is not bound by an area code, is applicable countrywide.

Almost twice as fast as traditional methods

Whatever your preference, Intergr8 has the solution.  The Integr8 Fax server operates 70% faster than traditional fax machines, transmitting at the speed of Internet traffic, which saves you time and saves you money.

Cheaper outgoing faxes

What’s more, using Fax over Internet Protocol with Integr8 Fax means higher speeds and more faxes per minute. What’s more, you’re charged a highly competitive and guaranteed per-minute rate to reach any location in the country, regardless of distance – resulting in a significant cost saving.Fax2mail

Sending of Faxes

An email from your computer is routed through the Integr8 International concert of fax servers, converted into fax format and delivered to the recipient’s fax machine or delivery distribution.

Value for money

Incoming faxes are FREE, you can receive as many as you like and you save on costly workplace overheads like paper, toner, fax and voicemail servers and equipment maintenance. Outgoing faxes are also significantly cheaper, and there are no telco line rentals. Integr8 Fax also integrates with any financial system for receiving and sending faxes.

Privacy and Compliance

All incoming faxes and voicemail messages are delivered directly to the recipient, which improves the privacy of the information they contain. Even Integr8 Fax administrators cannot view the content of these messages, which are encrypted with SSL Security of Internet Fax Transport Encryption.

Compliance is a big issue for most companies these days and legislation such FICA, RICA and the various consumer protection acts mean many companies have to now deal with significantly increased volumes of contractual paper-work.  Using Fax 2 Mail means massively increased efficiencies as well as the ability to hook into the existing data management systems, In fact Integr8 FAX integrates with most document management systems, including SAP, JD Edwards, Pastel.


Wherever you are – at the office, at home, on a business trip – you can easily access or send faxes via email. For record purposes, each fax converted to email contains the sender’s fax number, the time and date of arrival and an attachment in TIFF or PDF format. Because the faxes are easily searchable, retrieval is quick and simple.

Robust API’s make integrating fax with any application easy using the Integr8 FAX’s fax-over-IP solution – without custom programming and coding or complex configurations. The software works directly with existing phonebooks and alongside VoIP and IP voicemail systems, as well as Multi Function Printers and devices (MFP’s).

Peace of Mind

With Integr8 Fax, senders to email are assured of getting through, as the line is never engaged. In addition, senders can always be sure of fax delivery, as fax confirmation is sent to their email inboxes. The solution will also grow with your company, the Integr8 IP fax solution can easily accommodate four to 120 ports per system.


All of our Integr8 Fax servers are connected to a shared database infrastructure. This means that even if one server goes down, the others continue operating where the previous server left off, and you can be sure that none of your faxes will get lost and all Integr8 Fax servers and solutions are hosted in highly secure data centres across the globe.

Free Support

Integr8 FAX offers free set-up, installation, training and support for every Integr8 Fax user or agent. No software or hardware required.