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Seeing beyond the numbers

As a company, we do more than just rent software and services. We offer an array of solutions to suit each client’s specific needs. Together with providing specialist asset funding to assist you in reaching your business goals, we provide a personalised service with great attention to detail. The latter, together with a “NOW” attitude, is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our holistic approach, “can do” attitude and swift service delivery, takes into account that every business is unique, and therefore we take the time to understand your individual requirements. This allows us to aid you in getting the best results you strive for, in the simplest and most economical way possible.


  • The task of keeping operations both cash positive and efficient is not an easy one and calls for the appropriate technologies.  Buying ICT equipment, whether it is hardware, software or services, can be costly.  By renting, many companies are able to enjoy the latest technologies and keep their debt to equity ratios low.
  • Rentals support and improve a company’s cash flow management. This help to eliminate the increase in liabilities, resulting in superior returns on assets and more predictability in replacement cycles. Furthermore, rentals do not require the cash outlay of a deposit and don’t utilise existing finance facilities.
  • With the ever changing development of technology, ICT equipment is a depreciating asset and the lifespan of the equipment is shorter than other types of assets. This results in extreme difficulty when it comes to writing assets down at the same pace of the redundancy of the technology. It therefore makes sense to rent.
  • At the end of the rental period, customers have the choice to return the equipment or continue with the rental.
  • All components of customer’s ICT solutions can be rented under one agreement.  This is a bold move away from traditional financing as most institutions won’t finance software.  Integr8 Rental also understands that labour costs can be a great inhibitor to technical refreshes or upgrades and will structure deals that include these costs as part of monthly annuity payments.
  • Vendor independence leaves the choice of appropriate technology to the customer.
  • In a world where the only constant is change, asset rental affords you the freedom to upgrade and change equipment whenever the need arises. With upgrades available at contract end, one can be assured that the latest in technology is always available to client.
  • No penalties are to be paid for refreshing/swapping our equipment, no increase in rental payments will occur for the duration of the rental contract and client takes no responsibility for disposing of the replaced equipment.
  • Integr8 Rental operates with a broad spectrum of funders, investors and service providers. This means that we are well equipped to provide clients a greater chance of finance approval.
  • The VAT on a rental is raised on a monthly payment and not capitalized up front, as is done with leasing and instalment sales. This results in saving on early settlements and upgrades. Further savings will be made as rentals are still accepted as ‘off balance sheet’ items and are fully deductable during the period in which they are incurred.
  • Clients only pay for the monthly usage of equipment and monthly rentals are structured to suit their specific needs. Rentals therefore assist in budgeting and cost management and can also help to keep start up costs to a minimum.


Our level of expertise allows us to cater for a diverse range of businesses in various sectors. Our high service levels together with keeping an eye on the competition, keeps us ahead of the game and up to speed with the latest technologies. This is beneficial to both client and keeping relationships strong.

Quick, energetic and effective; our staff are wholly committed to business integrity, client service and customer satisfaction. The aim and result of every business transaction for I8 Rental are satisfied customers.

Upon a solid foundation of integrity and trust, we have built a service which brings rapid results, thriving partnerships and innovative solutions.