Global business and IT services company Mahindra Satyam has partnered with local ICT managed services provider Integr8 IT to expand into SA and Africa.

“This partnership allows both companies to provide value to customers in the South African market. We will provide a wide spectrum of services ranging from high-end infrastructure to strategic consulting services,” says Rob Sussman, joint CEO of the Integr8 IT Group.

Mahindra Satyam brings to the partnership expertise in the ICT strategy, programme governance, portfolio management, and service delivery space.
The partnership is said to stem from the opportunity that the African continent offers as an emerging market. Integr8 notes that SA is the springboard into the African market.

Spotting potential

Sussman notes that Africa’s ICT market opportunities are endless. “If I list the negatives that have held Africa back, such as lack of bandwidth, lack of connectivity, lack of infrastructure and governance and compliance issues, then the positive is that, although they don’t have it, they do need it.” This is driving interest from India and China in the African continent, he adds.

Companies looking to harness the potential of Africa are realising the need to establish a partnership with a local company that understands the local culture, offers Sussman. Although IT is a universal language, local culture plays an influential role in breaking into new markets, he continues.

Africa’s technological development has been characterised by the leapfrog concept, explains Sussman, whereby technology has in some cases skipped over the desktop phase and straight onto mobile devices. Being knowledgeable about these trends and how to innovate to meet the needs of this market is what Integr8 IT brings to the partnership, he states.

Mahindra Satyam’s business head for the African region, Bhaskar Ramani, says: “We are delighted with this new partnership as the expertise and experience of Integr8 IT will help us broaden our service offering and provide innovative solutions to our customers in the South African market.

“SA has immense potential and is a growing economy offering numerous advantages,” he concludes.