Sasolburg-based Independent plastics manufacturing company Safripol has strengthened its ICT capability and invested in the services of Integr8 to ensure the benefit of consolidated infrastructure across its Lenovo-based environment.


SafripolSafripol is a Preferred Polymer Partner and leverages off advanced manufacturing processes that meet international best-practice standards.


The company utilises Lenovo across their entire user environment and mobile devices, including laptops and notebooks.


Integr8 was approached to fulfil a critical infrastructure upgrade requirement for Safripol. There is a Service Level Agreement in place to supply the manufacturing company its required infrastructure on a monthly rental agreement basis. “We have a plan in place to refresh more infrastructure as our client advances their IT environment,” explains Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8.


“Our service and supply model lends itself to the manufacturing and retail environment because it facilitates quick turnaround time, rapid deployment and a proactive approach that guarantees sufficient product support, replacement and updates,” Sussman adds.


He underlines the importance of having robust systems to meet the stringent deadline-driven production environment within most retail and manufacturing operations.


Representing Safripol’s IT operations, Fred Venter explains that Integr8’s experience and knowledge of Lenovo has resulted in substantial value-add and the assurance of a reliable partner to oversee the replacement of end-of-life equipment. “This keeps our infrastructure current and up to the demands of high volume network interaction and communication,” he adds