DATE:  26 MARCH 2010

SA ICT firm partners with Indian giant on African strategy�

By: Jacqueline Holman

Privately owned information and com-
munication technology (ICT) firm Interg8 has established an African-focused partnership with Indian ICT services and consulting company Mahindra Satyam.
Integr8 joint CEO Robert Sussman says that, over the years, Integr8 has been approached by many global companies wanting to estab-
lish a footprint on the African continent and use South Africa as a point of entry. 
He says that Mahindra Satyam wanted an entrepreneurial and innovative ICT company with a strong local brand, skills and influence in many of the country’s organisations, which it found in Integr8.
The partnership will expose Mahindra Satyam’s global ICT services to the South African and African markets and provide Integr8 with more exposure in global ICT strategies and partnerships.
Sussman says that the two companies share a common core structure and complement each other, as Mahindra Satyam focuses on business consultancy and Integr8 is a delivery partner that focuses on a customer standpoint and can roll out strategy.
Clients have already expressed much interest in the converged offering of services pro-
vided by the partnering of the global consulting firm’s practices and the company’s local staff and business.
“When it came to partnering with an infrastructure and consultancy firm, we looked at who the leaders in the market are and saw that establishing a relationship with an Indian consultancy firm would make sense. 
“It is a strong agreement and success has 
already been felt after a couple of months. It has been a match made in heaven so far,” he says.
Further, global ICT outsourcing companies are starting to look at the South African and African ICT industries and emerging markets that are lacking in technology and 
infrastructure as this provides opportunities. Sussman says that Integr8 has taken advantage of the local markets and gained international attention by winning multiple global innovation awards.
“Africa has very much been viewed as the dark continent and has been at the bottom of most global ICT outsourcing lists.
“Integr8 has used this to its advantage to lap up market share and build up a brand 
and business in South Africa and Africa,” he says.
Sussman adds that Integr8 sees large amounts of investments from local businesses 
into infrastructure and ICT roll-outs in Africa. Some of the most innovative ICT entrepreneurs are coming out of South Africa and Africa and are receiving global attention.
“I envisage the continuation of support and interest coming into Africa and Integr8’s global footprint is attracting interest, as we have proven our ability to deliver and bridge the digital divide that exists between the continent and the rest of the world,” he says.