Topic: Newly improved Nerve Centre and its impact on Integr8’s service offerings

Date: 15 June 2012

Time: 15:00

@Integr8Group: Hi @robertsussman thanks for joining us! How are you doing today? #NerveCentre

@robertsussman: Thx for arranging this live twitter forum! pleased to be part of IT

@Integr8Group: We are all very excited about the new developments at Integr8 – especially the Nerve Centre upgrade! What does this mean for Integr8’s customers? #NerveCentre

@robertsussman: Yes, the Nerve Centre has gone through numerous upgrades over the past 11 years.

@Integr8Group: Will the upgrade improve Integr8’s service delivery? #Nerve Centre

@robertsussman: Sure, the platform upgrade has added new features, that will deliver more innovative and enhanced services.

@robertsussman: Services that have never been seen from remote delivery, are going to really excite the market.

@Integr8Group: What excites you the most about the IT Industry? #NerveCentre

@robertsussman: There are quite a few things: The industry leads in terms of innovation, anything is possible together with the local market.

@robertsussman: One gets to work with some of the smartest minds in the industry. This is really an uber-cool, young, funky & dynamic industry.

@Integr8Group: What advice would you give to someone entering the IT field? #NerveCentre

@robertsussman: #SouthAfrica has some of the best talent, that can easily compete on a global scale #markshuttleworth #elonmusk

@robertsussman: Keep learning. This is an industry where knowledge is shared and retained and one never stops learning.

@robertsussman: Then also remember that it is no longer about big business vs small business but now fast vs slow

@robertsussman: As @reidhoffman said “if u r not embarrassed by the 1st release of ur software, then u have launched 2 late”

@Integr8Group: What are clients asking for TODAY? and how have their needs changed over the past 2 years? #NerveCentre

@robertsussman: As the world’s economy has fundamentally changed, people want more for less. They also want value for their spend.

@robertsussman: Customers are also far more IT savvy than before. User adoption was one of the support challenges in the past

@robertsussman: Delivery of stable, fast products and services is no longer exceptional but rather the new base line of expectaion

@robertsussman: IT departments are now having to start supporting an array of devices from tablets, to smartphones to laptops and everything inbetween.

@Integr8Group: What’s next?

@robertsussman: Next in #IT is change – the only certainty is change

@robertsussman: The big topics at the moment: Virtualisation, Augmented reality, mobility, nfc, anything social and the future of currency

@robertsussman: Computing services will move to a hybrid model of hosted on and off premise. With cloud on everyone’s lips

@robertsussman: In the local SA industry, consolidation will drive larger gaps between the large and small companies.

@robertsussman: What SA really needs is a #siliconvalley environment. A real silicon valley with real VC’s to support &promote entrepreneurs

@robertsussman: That will give SA the boost it needs to create more jobs for more people, increase $ investment into SA

@robertsussman: I’m personally confident in the local market. We have smart ppl, leading tech, and global entrepreneurs.

@Integr8Group: Sounds great! Any suggestions as to how we could go about achieving this #SiliconValley environment?

@robertsussman: To create confidence, we need ppl to trust SA 1st. Then we can give comfort and confidence to their investment

@robertsussman: The entrepreneurs are already here but SA has lost some of the best who now live abroad….but this is changing

@Integr8Group: You sound confident about this?

@robertsussman: If we look at where Tech was in SA going back in 5 yr cycles, we have revolutionised the industry.

@robertsussman: This will continue its 5 year cycles. Co-founder of PayPal and Founder of SpaceX @Elonmusk is from #southafrica

@robertsussman: So is founder of #thwate @markshuttleworth so SA has people like that.

@Integr8Group: Here’s to a very bright future! Or a fast one for that matter! #NerveCentre

@robertsussman: Sure, the Nerve Cente without doubt is one of these technologies that have been recognised globally as a leader in its field

@robertsussman: I am excited about where we are at with the #nervecentre, but more excited about where we going

@Integr8Group: Thanks Rob, we are glad to be a part of it and look forward to what you have in store for us next!

@Integr8Group: Hi @lancefanaroff, thanks for joining us! Of the new technologies entering the market, what will Integr8 focus on? #NerveCentre

@lancefanaroff: Integr8 will focus on cloud-computing, mobile apps, and our Nerve-Centre, to expedite Response-time to Real-time

@Integr8Group: How are these new technologies influencing the services at Integr8, and how will the Nerve Centre adapt to these changes? #NerveCentre

@lancefanaroff: They will be making us more Efficient, and add exceptional value to our clients. Our work-pace will be one of “now”

@lancefanaroff: By making it cutting-edge, fast, and allow us to convert intellectual capital into structural capital.

@Integr8Group: Thanks @lancefanroff have a great day further!