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Technology has made tasks like stocktaking, inventory management, procurement and points of sale less labour-intensive and easier to manage. Combined with online and community management, technology can help you take your retail or wholesale business to new heights, with you spending less time wondering where stock went and more time focusing on becoming profitable.

You need a partner who understands the unique challenges you’re facing. Someone who’ll help you leverage mountains of data to boost sales.

A partner who is looking 10 years into the future, to customers who are testing out products using virtual reality, and artificial intelligence makes all their purchasing decisions based on their taste profiles.

It all starts here. Our technology solution is specifically tailored for South Africa’s retail and wholesale industry. Get everything you need to do business in one easy-to-purchase package or build your own customisable solution, scalable to match your unique business needs.

Integr8 is the leading edge of smarter business, and we want to be the partner you deserve.

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