No new hardware or software required – Existing infrastructure is used

Fax numbers are directly linked to each user’s email address via our system. This means that numbers are activated immediately without any lead-time being needed for equipment installation. No expensive fax server system is required with associated maintenance and support staff.

Fax to Email is free of charge to all clients

  • Installation is FREE
  • Training is FREE
  • The entire inbound solution is FREE
  • Setup is FREE
  • Support is FREE

Anytime, Anywhere

  • Faxes can now be retrieved anywhere in the world where users are able to access their email account.
  • Integr8 Fax numbers are not bound by an area code, which makes them applicable country wide.
  • A number will remain unchanged even when a company moves premises.
  • Received faxes can be forwarded as a normal email, worldwide.

Increases productivity, improves confidentiality and provides cost savings

  • Faxes are delivered directly to the person they are addressed to and don’t lie around for all to see, thereby improving confidentiality.
  • Faxes don’t get lost in the delivery process.
  • A Fax to Email line is never engaged (we monitor and manage capacity).
  • If the email server is down, faxes will queue
  • Multiple-page documents are sent much faster than via standard faxing.
  • Telkom fax lines can be freed up or used as telephone lines.
  • Current investment in email, internet infrastructure, systems and software is utilised.
  • The media cost of incoming faxes is eliminated – one saves on paper & ink since every fax needn’t be printed.