DATE:  20 OCTOBER 2009

Company Announcement: Integr8 Group drives home the value of IT governance for clients

Integr8 Group drives home the value of IT governance for clients

Company directs customers into the path of advantage as industry gets to grips with the finer aspects of progressive IT governance

Executive management representing the Integr8 Group, positioned at the forefront of local and international managed ICT services, is convinced that IT governance and its application in South Africa has been taken to another level with the introduction of the King III Report.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8 Group, and finalist in the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, believes that the nature of ICT integration, investment and leverage in the modern corporate has evolved into an exciting, vibrant and challenging framework – particularly when viewed upon within the context of IT governance.

“IT governance, by implication, refers to a vast number of issues, considerations and practical guidelines to ensure best practice in terms of management of IT infrastructure as a mission-critical enterprise resource, as well as how businesses can best utilise and leverage off information and communication technology to compete effectively. That said, the emergence of the King III report adds a new dimension to modern IT governance as it makes provision for- and covers key developments, including the increase in virtual accommodation of ‘anything-as-a-service’, cloud computing, virtualisation and the pervasive, intrinsic value of IT infrastructure,” says Sussman.

The Integr8 Group comprises several associate companies including Integr8 IT, South Africa’s largest privately owned national BEE ICT network integration and infrastructure management specialist.

This established company has consistently advocated, as part of its proactive and relevant offering to market, the need for all business stakeholders – from IT administrators, directors and executive leadership – to be aware of the need for rapidity in the approach to IT governance in the modern marketplace.

“The fact is that the adoption and application of technology services has developed to the extent that it is now provided for in multi-streams, across many platforms and is now multi-faceted,” adds Sussman.

“This has to be properly considered in terms of IT governance within the business. Now, infrastructure is not a once-off investment that requires massive capital outlay. Outsourced and co-sourced information and communication technology management is firmly entrenched as a critical element of today’s corporate information technology strategy,” he continues.

The Integr8 Group, via a proven, flexible and advanced IT services business model, continues to underline the advantages and relevance of outsource services to the local market.

Among the most influential and mission-critical of these advantages are the fact that contractors are placed on site, resources are constantly rotated, knowledge capital is converted into structural capital, human resource management is more practical and focused, and there is constant exposure to best of breed IT practices.

“These benefits together represent a framework that offers a business a solid, secure platform to leverage off information technology, to improve governance of this essential resource and bolster the efficiency of operation,” says Sussman.