DATE:  21 OCTOBER 2008


Preserv8, the perfect e-mail appendage for Ideal Fastener Corporation

[ 21 October 2008 ] –
Ideal Fastener Corporation (Pty) Ltd, a national supplier of apparel trimmings to the clothing industry, has invested in the integration and deployment of preserv8 – developed by Integr8 IS (Pty) Ltd and the only e-mail archiving Software plus Services Microsoft certified solution – to streamline the management of its electronic mail across the entire operation.
The international corporation has an established business network and global presence that stretches throughout South Africa – including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg – as well as Hong Kong.
Management at Ideal Fastener Corporation decided to deploy preserv8 and based its strategy on a number of technology services that were lacking in the industry.
“We researched competitive offerings in the market and, after careful evaluation, we concluded that preserv8 is the leading service offering in this space. It is undoubtedly why the solution is the only offering of its kind to attain the coveted Microsoft ISV certification,” he adds.
Mark Isserow, Managing Director at Ideal Fastener Corporation, and his team had conducted substantial market research to acquire the most suitable solution and sound technical platform to meet the company’s immediate and future e-communication requirements.
Isserow also refers to the fact that preserv8 is the only unified e-mail management (UEM) platform to offer Second Factor Authentication – a feature that allows for a Random Verification Number to be sent to a mobile phone via SMS when a user logs on, in much the same vain as online banking.
“This was a quick and easy software-as-a-service deployment. It took less than an hour to provision my entire enterprise in Africa and Hong Kong. As far as workloads and pressure on communications infrastructure is concerned, we now only receive a high level of legitimate mail and we have experienced a dramatic reduction in spam and undesirable content. It is now down to single figures,” says Isserow.

Deon Robertson, CEO at Integr8 IS (Pty) Ltd.
One of these benefits is the recent introduction of preserv8 Mobile as an additional value-add to the offering. This has increased the market appeal of the solution and facilitates engagement with a broader market.
The mobile application augments the existing offering by providing seamless access to the preserv8 UEM interface, anywhere, anytime. It follows the global trend of increased convergence of remote infrastructure access and control via cellular technology.
Deon Robertson, CEO at Integr8 IS (Pty) Ltd, believes the solution has been very well received in the market and this is due, in part, to its value in terms of business continuity.
“Our client recently experienced a power outage one evening. The preserv8 support team immediately noticed the inbound delivery queuing and we notified the company. There was no disruption to the management of the company’s mail and, despite the power failure and issues with on-site back-up systems, staff at the company could still take advantage of Webmail access. As soon as the power was restored on-site the queued mail items were immediately delivered to the client mail server. Without preserv8 the inbound mail would have bounced and the originators would receive non-delivery receipts. This clearly illustrates the advantages of the solution and its value to organisations that rely on always-on connectivity and ubiquitous communication,” says Robertson.
“We are delighted to have established a solid partnership with Ideal Fastener, a dynamic and progressive company that continues to take major strides in high-tech investment and technology maturity. We look forward to a long and successful business relationship by delivering the benefits of proactive UEM services and support,” adds Robertson.
Integr8 IS
Integr8 IS (Pty) Ltd is a Microsoft Gold Partner and leading provider of Software + Services (software plus services) to the global marketplace.
As a recognised thought leader in the online economy we are continually driving the value proposition of the Software + Services ecosystem.
Closely aligned with Microsoft, we specialise in providing unified e-mail management services, built on the Microsoft core platform and integrated to the Microsoft core offering.
Preserv8 is the company’s flagship offering. The only product to carry the Microsoft S+S ISV certification, Preserv8 is delivered via high capacity carrier grade architecture in multiple top tier secure data centres around the globe.
The solution provides an innovative dimension to unified e-mail management and places your company straight in front of the optimisation curve. Residing on the Tier 1 Internet backbone in secure data centres around the globe, preserv8 protects, captures, sanitises, brands and archives all your inbound and outbound e-mail while in transit.
The system is targeted at enhancing core business competencies including online reporting; business continuity; access and branding.
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