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Healthcare, education and personal services


If you work in South Africa’s healthcare, education and personal services industries, you know that it’s never been more important to be online, while keeping data secure. Once dominated by paperwork, physical files and manual data capturing, technology has transformed how your day-to-day works.

Today, technological advances like electronic health records, online school records, iPads in education and online consultations allow you to spend more time with your clients, patients or students, and less on manually capturing data.

What you need is a partner who understands the unique challenges you’re facing in your industry, a true supporter who can equip your healthcare, education or personal services business with the right tools, technology and innovation.

Our technology solution is specifically tailored for South Africa’s retail and wholesale industry. Get everything you need to do business in one easy-to-purchase package or build your own customisable solution, scalable to match your unique business needs.

Integr8 is the leading edge of smarter business, and we want to be the partner you deserve.

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