Cloud collaboration & Compliance

The average single data breach costs around $7 million and email remains one of the biggest mediums to compromise networks.

The uptake of outsourced email solutions delivered through the cloud continues to grow as more companies look to better manage their email. All companies need to meet corporate records retention requirements, better support their legal discovery requests, and are looking for better operational management of the email system.

Businesses face a daily bombardment of email spam that consumes valuable IT staff time as well as end-user productivity. In addition, email is an attack vector for many types of security threats to businesses, including phishing, viruses, spyware, and malicious URLs. However companies are also looking to cut costs wherever possible.

Integr8’s archiving and security solutions offer companies the ability to store and archive their emails offsite in a safe, easily searchable and fully compliant environment that also reduces operational costs.

Now companies can filter out all messaging threats including spam and viruses before they reach their network. By routing inbound and outbound email through our tier 1 carrier grade data centres, administrators can also activate robust security policies that keep organisations secure and compliant.

Compliance is further enhanced with the Integr8 archiving facility. Companies can now manage email retention with a centralised, searchable archive so administrators and users can locate email quickly.

Let Integr8 show you how the very best SaaS technology can ensure your company is both safe and compliant.