For over a decade, Integr8 IT has successfully managed the technology, people and processes of leading organizations across the globe; and 11 years on the principle of acquiring the very best minds in the technology and telecommunication industry remains a cornerstone of the company.

Employing in excess of 550 full-time people across South Africa, Africa and abroad, Rob Sussman, Joint-CEO of Integr8 IT says, “We will continue to look for the best minds in the industry.” Sussman defines one of Integr8 IT’s differentiating factors from other privately owned South African companies, “We are working with local people and providing the transfer of skills from local South Africans to north of Africa, as well as participation from those local people in terms of equity and ownership.”

Through job creation comes the demand for strong leadership and accountability as well as the ongoing task of employee empowerment to continually build on the strength of the business. Enter 21-year old Sowetan-born Wilomore Thabiso Matsolo; better known as ‘Wishes’ by his colleagues. Initially employed as a cleaner, Wishes’ passion to become a network engineer began to surface.

At present, Workshop Engineer, Gerhard Swarts and Store Manager, Sergio Pinto train Wishes; “Working at Integr8 inspires me with the hope that I will achieve my goal of obtaining a degree in Information Technology. I enjoy troubleshooting hardware and software problems as they arise, installing programs, checking functionality of packaged machines and doing a thorough testing on systems before they are delivered to clients.” Growing up, Wishes was taught the importance of respecting his elders, and reminded that education is the key to success. As a young adult, Wishes notes his awareness of life’s challenges, “its hard work, diligence and perseverance that lead to victory.” Wishes continues, “The mind’s ability increases in power and efficiency when used, and in turn becomes stronger.” Co-workers describe Wishes as reserved, supportive, task-orientated and reliable.

Outside of work, cycling, hiking camping and Evangelism form part of his hobbies, when asked how he would change the world, Wishes explains, “We need a shift in mindset, a renewed mental culture that meets the demands of our time.” And upon hearing these words from a young man who first arrived at work to pick up a broom, one cannot help but wonder what his next wish will be?

Article written by Lauren Booth