Off-site back up

It is estimated that over 50% of critical corporate data is unprotected (Gartner).  while it is often seen as the responsibility of individual users or IT to back up this information, its loss is felt across the business in its effect on the the bottom line through lowered productivity, loss of sensitive information and decreased customer satisfaction and trust.  Many businesses rely on a loosely formalized or adhoc approach to data back up which can lead to decentralized information and inefficiency costs

Integr8’s D8tavault is an efficient and secure off site, remote data back up, recovery and remote access service.

Apart from saving a business the costs of lost critical data it also enables the business to leverage an existing connectivity investment, decrease the workload of the IT department in dealing with data back up and recovery while providing a unified approach to data back up

Data is the lifeblood of just about every business. Data is added, accessed, manipulated and used on a daily basis. Data is behind every project, every account, every customer, every email, and every query. Without data, business no longer functions

Fires, floods and other disasters always can catch us unaware at the best of times. Your average business will have their physical assets covered by insurance – smart businesses will have their data covered with a backup solution.

Laptops, servers & other storage devices are rarely recovered in the event of theft. A good backup solution provides a highly secure environment for data storage hardware.

Hardware failures
It’s no secret that PC & laptop hard-drives crash on a regular basis. Daily automated backups help to effectively minimize the data loss resulting from hardware failure

Accidental deletion
Statistically, this constitutes the highest percentage of data loss causes. Human error should always be factored into the equation where business-critical data is concerned.