Service providers often talk about their service delivery excellence programs that use service management or industry frameworks. These terms describe the methods and repeatable processes that make up their methodology to deliver services consistently, reliably and cost-effectively.

At Integr8 we collaborate with partners to ensure that we are not only current with which methodologies, standards and frameworks we use, but well ahead of what most service providers use.

Most importantly, it is these best practice methodologies that underpin all Integr8’s delivery.

At Integr8 we deliver the required business, service and cost outcomes as part of a service management methodology based on industry best practices and recognise the importance of the following:

  • Using standardised service delivery processes that are consistent with industry best practices
  • Providing strong relationship management processes at operational and tactical levels Applying common terminology that all parties can easily understand
  • Enabling and promoting continuous improvement of delivered services
  • Regularly auditing and adhering to our own designated best-practice delivery processes

Integr8 understands that there are a myriad of processes that affect ICT implementation, delivery and management. Making use of the ITIL and ISO 2000 in outsourcing and PMBOK and Prince 2 in project management may seem obvious. Similarly, ensuring a good understanding of King III when it comes to compliance should be a given for any service provider. However, this is not always the case and organisations should ask themselves one key question: “do I have the time to ensure I know and understand all of these requirements?”

The answer is obvious – rather choose a partner who does.

The Integr8 hexagon diagram is a good measure of just how many methodologies, frameworks and standards there really are. Instead of decoding this yourself, why not contact us and see how our delivery encompasses industry best practice from start to finish.