King James, a leading national advertising and communications group and recent Loerie Award winner, is a long-time client of the Integr8 Group – and continues to benefit from a range of managed ICT services, including access to the service provider’s 24-hour Nerve Centre® operation.

This partnership has resulted in proactive service delivery to King James that includes converged connectivity services and full infrastructure management, all of which continue to be instrumental to the agency’s operation.

The company has conceptualised brand differentiation with the term PUNCH – a philosophy of what inspires and sustains competitive advantage amongst brands.

Management at King James has used the company’s alliance with Integr8 to integrate infrastructure and solidify inter-office connectivity and communication in order to entrench this philosophy.

From a virtual private network point of view the services ensure a centrally integrated and managed network, with guaranteed uptime and availability between the company’s various branch offices.

This infrastructure is pivotal to ensuring seamless connectivity and availability of shared resources between the sites.

With regards to Site and Server Management, Integr8 has tapped into its onsite and offsite skilled resources to provide its client with access to constant, always-on Nerve Centre®. This allows every single device on the client’s network to report back to the Nerve Centre® over secure tunnels, allowing for exception-based monitoring and complete management.

This channel of service not only ensures that onsite support calls are logged, managed and tracked, but also that skilled network resource is available to ensure a speedy resolution to any issues at any given time.

The value of this is that King James is always in a position to benefit from a trend analysis of IT infrastructure related issues.

“Our client is an established, modern agency that utilises the very latest in communications infrastructure to bolster its connectivity and its service delivery to its national client base,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8. “We are proud of the achievements of our skilled project team which employs ITIL Best Practices and teamwork to make a meaningful and lasting difference to clients.”