South Africa’s largest privately owned managed ICT services provider, the Integr8 Group, has provided its client, JHI Properties, with the benefit of enhanced connectivity.

JHI Properties is an independent property services company with a vision to be the prime property partner in the markets in which it operates.

The company offers a spectrum of services including, property management, retail property management, project & development management, consulting & research, as well as valuations and residential management.

Network performance and strategically aligned infrastructure is imperative to the company’s overall core competency and service delivery.

As part of its ongoing service to its client, via its award winning Nerve Centre® operation, Integr8 has rolled out the Internet Dedicated service.

The move has ensured that JHI is able to leverage off and maximise operations using the Internet as a strategic resource and support a multitude of demanding applications.

The solution rolled out nationally, enables geographically dispersed sites to share vital business applications and provides access to the corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN).

“This offering delivers connections that are permanently and exclusively available. The purpose is to ensure that every individual within an organisation is able to benefit from the highest level of Internet access. Traffic is carried over the IP backbone network of a carrier grade telco network – one of the most rigorously engineered networks on the continent,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO of Integr8.

Executive management at Integr8 have identified a number of differential qualities within the solution that will enhance online application within the workplace.

Key qualities include the fact that should a service disruption occur at any IP gateway, the meshed network architecture will enable traffic to be instantly re-routed within the VPN environment across multiple IP routes.

The value of increased flexibility is another feature Integr8 is keen to expose its client base to.

“This technology offers a range of bandwidth options and allows the user to optimise and aggregate bandwidth to ascertain the most appropriate spend and save costs,” adds Sussman. “In addition to flexibility and reliability, we have also focused on the scalability and sophisticated reporting and graphing that it offers.”

This solution offers businesses the high quality of service and optimal network performance.

Additional benefits to the solution include round-the-clock support via Integr8’s technical services team, high capacity (full capacity of the access circuit) and the advantage of only paying for bandwidth and traffic required.

Heetendra Gowin, CIO of JHI Properties says the provision of this network has made a significant difference to the company’s core operations.

“This is evident in our consistently high levels of network performance and the consistency in reliability, capacity and control. Integr8 is positioned at the forefront of network infrastructure capacity enhancement and support and this partnership continues to add measurable value to the development of our business,” says Gowin.