Fax 2 Email and its connection with a paper-free office environment

Working in an environmentally friendly manner is something that South African Corporates talk about doing, but in reality, may not be top of the priority list.

The good news for Corporates is that there are simple ways to introduce GreenInitiatives into the organisation to encourage staff to work in a eco-friendly way.

By simply switching from conventional fax machines and/or onsite solutions, to an online managed fax service, easily assists in reducing your carbon footprint.

Integr8’s Online Managed fax solution assists in reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing the volumes of trees felled each year as there is no longer a need to print faxes. You can also consider that a considerable amount of water is required in the paper making process which will be significantly reduced, thereby sparing environmental resources. Not to mention the cutback in the need for office consumables due to faxes being received electronically. Last but not least, the constant requirement for power required by a fax machine is eliminated.