In today’s fast paced world and rapidly changing technologies, it is imperative that a logical and structured approach is taken to implement IT projects. Project Management skills and methodologies are applied to all new projects to ensure that they are implemented on time, on budget and with quality. Of the benefits realised through a strategically executed project management plan, long term sustainability and fewer setbacks are at the top of the list.

Since the inception of Integr8’s Project Management Office (PMO) , and the immense growth of Integr8 as a business, Integr8 PMO has had to ensure that it’s standard processes, procedures and over all governance is in alignment with Enterprise business’ in the competing market. In addition, these standard processes and procedures have had to be applied to all projects as the organisation has matured. Carried out via a “change management” process; which has included training across the organisation, the level of Integr8’s Project Managers is of the highest standards with qualifications exceeding those demanded by the market.

Integr8 competes with competitors on an international scale and a significantly large high profile client base. Clients, not only expect professional delivery, but insist on verification of qualifications and a view of the standard principles and frameworks that will be applied to their projects, namely, PmBok standards and the Microsoft solutions framework for infrastructure projects.

Solid professional relationships built with clients via on-going communication and reporting which defined through agreed communication plans is what sets Integr8 PMO above its competitors.

Clients expect high level quality documentation within the framework deliverables, in some instances it is required that Integr8 PMO aligns with the client PMO, and owing to the standards Integr8 applies, this process is seamless.

The Project Management office is the central source for project management support within the organisation, however, the value of a project office is mostly unseen but any game needs rules to play by, a referee to keep the game honest, coaches to train and captains to lead the team in order to win the game. The value of the PMO is realised in the professional delivery by the Project Managers and the successful results of the projects implemented.

Processes, standards and procedures across the organisation are strictly adhered to, in turn ensuring the alignment between the project managers, the architects, senior technical resources and the sales team, resulting in a unified understanding with regards to the expected output. With these carefully planned processes in place, it leaves less room for the misalignment of required deliverables and time frames, giving way to projects that are delivered on time, in scope, of quality and within budget.