This year Integr8 is celebrating its 15th year anniversary. Joint CEOs Lance Fanaroff and Robert Sussman both agree that when they started the company in 2001, they were “young and too stubborn to accept any form of failure”. When they founded the company, it existed of a team of eight; and through pure innovation, hard work, determination and entrepreneurship has grown into one of the giant role players in the information technology industry in South Africa today.

“We have always believed in providing value-adding innovative operational technologies to our valued client base,” says Fanaroff.

_N2K5275Integr8 has since its inception, grabbed the attention of the broader ICT and telecommunications industries by securing contracts with established market leaders and demonstrating a level of agility and innovation that had yet to be witnessed within a thriving marketplace. Integr8 quickly emerged as a force to be reckoned with within the ICT services and infrastructure integration space.

The company has concentrated most of its energy and service offering through a concentrated, high-tech innovation hub known as the Nerve Centre®. This multi-tier advanced platform is used to ensure that clients maintain 24/7/365 control over their communications and operations infrastructure.+

Integr8 is at the epicentre of client resource and relationship management – incorporating data management, comprehensive data & resource security as well as a host of other mission critical ICT services.

The combination of major skills with proven infrastructure has helped Integr8 to build a reputation of being able to leverage their technology in the most optimal and effective solutions and service offerings.“Our approach to client services has always been proactive,” says Sussman. “The market has gone through immense changes in the last decade and we were able to change, integrate and apply new sets of skills and technologies to ensure our clients the best of everything.”

Integr8 has received numerous awards and accolades through the years, and both Fanaroff and Sussman agree that their highly skilled team of energetic & passionate people has helped to build the company to where it is today.

“The global economic conditions are turbulent and we anticipate an even harsher environment this year. Tough economic situations are really driving businesses to streamline their offerings and approach, on how to adopt, integrate and apply technologies. Mobile is still the buzz, but with the adoption of Cloud slowly gaining momentum. Our focus for the next few years, is to become even more aggressive in implementing and offering new cloud services, in order to deliver only the best solutions to our clients,” Fanaroff continues.

“The ICT environment is extremely fast and ever-changing but it keeps our team of specialists innovative and stimulated. We have to be ready for technology advances and trends constantly,” adds Sussman. Our priority is always to ensure that solution developments and integrations are aligned with the needs of clients, with the main objective being to enhance our clients business efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Integr8 it (Pty) Ltd, part of the Integr8 Group , was acquired by Business Connexion Group, who were in turn acquired 100% by Telkom Group.