Integr8® Group – A South African Success Story, recognized on a Global scale
The early days of building the business with tireless commitment and unprecedented levels of service, dedication and trust is etched deeply into the minds of these two young entrepreneurs.


PR Log (Press Release) – May 26, 2010 – It is intriguing that the name Integr8 alludes to greatness. Since the ICT managed services company began trading as a modest Cape-based IT services provider and network infrastructure integrator in 2001, it has grown into a sizeable multi-divisional operation incorporating over 500 employees, stretching from South and Southern Africa across Europe, Middle East and America.

Whilst many other technology services businesses have fallen by the wayside, floundering against waves of increasing costs, urgent technical skills requirements, shortage of resources and lack of market experience, the Integr8 Group continues to prosper. It is, by all accounts and criteria, a story of truly effective leadership.

Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff, both Chief Executive Officers at the Integr8 Group, are co-founders of the company. The early days of building the business with tireless commitment and unprecedented levels of service, dedication and trust is etched deeply into the minds of these two young entrepreneurs.

“We always knew what our objectives were and what we were working towards. From the outset we have insisted on ‘sticking to our knitting’ or strongly avoiding the temptation to delve into many spin-off areas of information, communication technology and digital services in commerce. At a time when technology- services was shrouded in mistrust and in danger of being alienated from the mainstream commercial market sector, we represented something different – a provider of credible, reliable and meaningful service. Our strategy has been to emerge as the premier ICT managed services company in Africa, transferring local expertise, fresh market dynamic and insight into technology to developed and developing markets across the world,” says Sussman.

Both Sussman and Fanaroff, together with an established executive committee, are aware of just how far the company has come in a relatively short space of time. What started off as a basic PC and general network services business is now a large enterprise that spearheads next-generation technology integration and support via a centralised technology hub, called the Integr8 Nerve Centre™.

This infrastructure, which management feels accurately reflects its collective understanding of-and firm grip on the ultra-competitive ICT services sector, is used as the main channel of service delivery, customer relationship management and overall support network to the company’s growing customer base.

The Nerve Centre® is by management’s own undertaking, the very core of the Integr8 Group’s strategy and approach to markets. The formula applied within this technological engine room is based chiefly on proactive support and turnaround to facilitate and add value to available outsourcing and co-sourcing technology services options. It assures the Group’s clients of the very best, very latest in technical skills sets to enable them to take advantage of influential trends such as Software as a Service, Cloud Computing, Virtualisation and many other key spaces within ICT and telecommunications.

Sussman and Fanaroff believe that the company’s credentials speak for themselves. They are also convinced of the fact that their approach to leadership and adopted style has been positive and added value.

Fanaroff singles out the general attitude and culture of the company as part of the reason it has received nomination within the ICT Achiever Award for its reputation as being a sought-after employer.

“One of the first steps we took in setting up this business was to eradicate any notion of an ‘ivory tower’ style of management. In other words we did not endorse or encourage an ‘information on a need to know basis’ type environment, where ideas and related details are filtered through from the top down and then only to specific individuals. Our philosophy remains that everyone represents an integral part of the team, each team member has something to contribute and there is no such thing as a bad idea – only those that require more work. We have an open door policy and our campaign to attract and retain the best minds in the industry continues to yield results,” says Fanaroff.

Management at the company believes the future of this company looks promising and its influence, merit and credibility is formidable. “We have only begun to scratch the surface of the potential that exists within the domestic market and avenues of opportunity housed within networks across the world,” adds Fanaroff.

DATE: 26 MAY 2010