This award, presented by the JSE, is given to the best of the finalist contenders, assessed on their ability to manage the portfolios of TIPS (Technology, Innovation, People and Systems).

TIPS is the acronym applied to a business model devised and prescribed by organisers of the Technology Top 100 Companies program. It outlines the core principles, criteria and relationship between all dynamics of the modern business paradigm.

The model specifies the inter-connectivity between key aspects of management, including that which governs technology, people, innovation and systems. It also details the processes and procedures that should be followed to ensure smooth operation whilst balancing internal and external influences.

Alignment, agility and engagement are at the heart of this model. These terms refer to the development of the organisation through the careful integration of people and technology management, measurement of total upskilling cost and the evaluation of the commitment and motivation of people at the workplace.

Excellence in Portfolio Management is a status given to companies that prove an unwavering commitment to improvement, that are steadfast in measuring key performance areas, and have an intimate knowledge of their external and internal environments.

The criteria includes management understanding of business drivers, dedication to innovation, and the projection of year-on-year growth.

“Awareness of core competencies and the role of partnerships and alliances are also important aspects of the criteria,” says Bennie Strydom, Sales Director, Integr8.

“Integr8 continues to advance within an ultra competitive marketplace. Since inception the company has adopted and instilled the principle of applying balance and strategy in the integration of technology and application of key resources, including people,” he adds.