The Integr8 Group, South Africa’s largest privately owned ICT managed services provider, offers its client, JHI Properties, the very best of both worlds in terms of ICT managed services.

JHI Properties is an established service provider of services to the property and property development sector, incorporating property management, retail property management, project and development management as well as facilities management.

Integr8 is the official co-sourcing support partner to JHI Properties and, as such, offers its client the benefit of access to a consistently refreshed skills base.

The co-sourcing support model ensures that a company, by means of mutual control and input of both management teams, always has the benefit of a highly motivated and skilled human resource.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8, explains that having access to specialised skills at any given time is a major advantage.

“It is particularly significant given that specialised, technical skills sets are sought-after and not readily available within the property market,” explains Sussman.

Over time Integr8 has perfected various models of management that apply to the integration and application of ICT infrastructure and resources.

Executive management at Integr8 believe decision makers need to seriously evaluate their requirements and ascertain which model works the best.

The rapid pace at which technology develops and the growing relevance of cloud-based service have made the option to outsource, co-source and in-source ICT infrastructure management realistic and feasible from a cost point of view.

“Companies often view the option of co-sourcing responsibility as a serious option, but face a challenge in ensuring the flexibility of increasing or decreasing a team at short notice. There is an awareness of the advantages that come with access to a greater pool of technical resources to deal with contingencies and faster expansion. However, this is dependent on the credibility and experience of the co-source support partner,” Sussman adds.

Management at JHI Properties believe they have partnered with a service provider that meets these exact criteria.

Heethendra Gowin, CIO of JHI Properties, says Integr8 has the resources, knowledge and expertise to ensure that JHI’s ICT infrastructure management and support is in line with its overall growth strategy.

“Our co-sourcing support arrangement ensures that we have access to the necessary skills as and when necessary.”