As part of its ongoing social responsibility programme the Integr8 Group continues to support the development of The Sopranos cricket team, a national squad made up solely of previously disadvantaged players.

For the past five years the company, South Africa’s largest privately owned managed services provider, has made an annual donation towards the team.

These funds are used for training, to equip the players and to ensure that all operational and administrative costs are taken care of.

Integr8 management views the sponsorship as an important component of the company’s social responsibility program and a valuable, long-lasting contribution to community development.

“In business it often happens that the true meaning of corporate social responsibility is lost in the regulation and processing that accompanies application. We are honoured to be a part of an initiative that makes a real difference to people’s lives, people who represent the future of this country,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8.

The company believes that sport has a major role to play in unifying people, in attracting the support of businesses and in drawing attention to issues that affect people every day.

“We think of the great need there is to invest in- and contribute meaningfully to the restoration and upliftment of communities. The issue of the welfare and assimilation of previously disadvantaged in this country is one that requires the input and collective effort of all stakeholders,” adds Sussman.

“Sport can be used to orchestrate and help initiate positive change,” he continues.

It seems that the company’s support for the cricket team is making a difference both on-and off the pitch.

Competing in the SA 3 League, last year the Sopranos won the Gauteng Cricket Board League and were honoured as champions attaining promotion into the SA 2 League.