Africa’s leading food ingredients manufacturer, the Freddy Hirsch Group, has chosen Integr8 to manage its ICT environment and implement innovative solutions to facilitate the upgrade of current structures, roles and responsibilities.

The move forms part of Freddy Hirsch’s growth management and ICT business alignment strategy. Integr8 has been called in to establish and implement the architecture and design of the current and future ICT infrastructure and processes.

Integr8 has developed a Service Delivery Model that serves as a blueprint of its client’s ICT landscape and is used as the foundation to develop Operational Structures and Service Management functions.

“This model is central to our execution plan and has demonstrated how we will deliver technical service and ICT management to Freddy Hirsch, a renowned leader in manufacturing and distribution of food ingredients,” explains Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO, Integr8.

“Our operational and costing structure holds the key to providing economies of scale and easy adoption of new technology and services throughout the growth and maturity of Freddy Hirsch Group‘s ecosystem. The use of unique Intellectual Property and systems built over the past 13 years will not only address an “always on” environment, project related activities and stabilisation efforts, but will also ensure that Freddy Hirsch maintain a leading edge in their respective market due to the use of technology innovation,” Fanaroff adds.

At the heart of Integr8’s strategy is its highly acclaimed Nerve Centre®, which is a hybrid of people, processes and technology. Integr8 will leverage its Nerve Centre®, together with clearly defined, continually monitored and streamlined processes.

A combination of these dynamics, along with world-class technology and expertise, has resulted in a consistent, predictable and measurable service to its client.

Further to its role in facilitating this transition for the Freddy Hirsch Group, Integr8 has also overseen the creation of an environment which will be dominated by innovation and improvement. To this end Integr8 has established Operational Executive forums.

“Our service delivery model provides the ability to address tactical elements through the creation and participation of such forums. The main distinction between the two forums are; operational forums focus on efforts to improve operational efficiency and system reliability whereas the SME (Subject Matter Expert) forums focus more on strategic and innovation initiatives to drive the growth of ICT services within Freddy Hirsch Group,” Fanaroff continues.

Brent Hirsch, COO of the Freddy Hirsch Group, says Integr8 has proven to be a highly competent, experienced and knowledgeable service partner. The strategy and service delivery model is expected to add measurable value going forward.