DATE:  12 JUNE 2009

Integr8 rewarded by Symantec in incentive programme

Johann Barnard — 12 June 2009
Integr8 IT been recognised by Symantec for securing the biggest deal, based on both volume and revenue, for Symantec Data Protection solutions.
Integr8 IT recently joined the Symantec Partner Programme, under which it was eligible to take part in the security software vendor’s incentive programme to identify and reward the single biggest deal involving Symantec Backup Exec solutions in the fourth quarter of last year.
“We are very pleased with this early reward in our association with Symantec Corporation,” said Bennie Strydom, Sales Director, Integr8 IT. “There is tremendous synergy between our companies and we anticipate a very strong, very beneficial relationship going forward – one that will add value to our respective strategies to add value to the market and our client bases.”
“Integr8 IT came first in the competition and secured the biggest Backup Exec deal for our fourth quarter,” said Chad Cleevely, Distribution and Small Business Manager, South Africa, Symantec Corporation. “Integr8 IT continues to show a real commitment and drive to extend Symantec’s reach into the market and Backup Exec represents a substantial part of our overall business in Africa.”