Management at Integr8 is confident South Africanentrepreneurs and those from the rest of the continent can hold their own within global managed ICT service delivery, support and trade. The company has thrown its weight behind the local entrepreneurship and emerging businesses with the introduction of the Integr8 Entrepreneur Partner Program® (IEPP).

The Program was recently announcedto the public at the launch premier of The Social Network, a movie about those behind the launch and establishment of Facebook. The premieres were hosted nationally by Integr8 and attended by over a thousand people.

Initially the IEPP was intended as an internal program only through which Integr8 personnel could share their ideas withthe company in order to secure leadership, mentorship, investment and equity participation consideration and buy-in by the IEPP board. But the initiative has grown considerably in a short period of time and is now open to external parties.

This exclusivemembership-based programserves as a forum through which established and would-be entrepreneurs can network, participate in discussions, innovation workshops and other initiatives. These are designed to inform and generate new business ventures that are capable of competing globally. .

Candidates that have an innovative idea, enteprenerial flair or are in need of mentorship, leadership or venture capital investment now have the means to begin their own business and are free to apply to the IEPP board for consideration (

Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8, says aside from the benefits of being part of a collective initiative focused on aligning committed individuals with opportunities, the benefits of being part of this program include joint marketing and a boost to the credibility of a business or venture.

“Integr8 is an established brand and has a long, successful and proven track record in ICT managed services, technology and network integration, remote support and proactive client service management. Part of our role in the market is to promote training, skills development and exchange, as well as offer the benefit of knowledge and experience in engaging with operators from both developed and developing markets,” says Sussman.

An Integr8 Certified Entrepreneur also has the opportunity to develop new ideas and presentthem to Integr8 for possible application within the company.

Additionally, there is the possibility that ventures or ‘start-ups’ could be funded by Integr8 if they prove to be based on worthwhile, credible and effective plans.

“Those entrepreneurs that contribute towards the program and use the forum effectively also have an opportunity to become an Integr8 Entrepreneur board member and thereby position themselves directly and immediately in line with changes, developments, initiatives and other opportunities,” Sussman adds.

Management at Integr8 is excited about the Program and the potential it holds as a means of encouraging business development, in linking possible partners and develop entrepreneurial skills sets.

Sussman says the Program is an ongoing and long-term initiative that will be continuously adapted to changing market conditions and is expected to develop in time, and grow in both size and stature.