A near-decade long relationship between the Integr8 Group, the largest privately owned ICT managed services company in South Africa, and its client Ideal Fastener Corporation (Ideal Fastener) (www.idealfastener.co.za), a global clothing brand manufacturer and retailer, reflects the level to which technology integration and strategic application can make a difference in business.

The Integr8 Group has an established, proven track record of effective service delivery as Ideal Fastener’s official managed ICT services partner.

Aside from years of effective infrastructure management and reliable, proactive support, Integr8 provides a range of managed ICT services including fully integrated LAN and WAN management and support, both locally and globally, covering Ideal Fastener’s global presence.

This extends throughout Southern Africa, in Mauritius and Hong Kong.

Site and server management service is imperative to Ideal Fastener’s operation. It involves the provision of onsite resources and 24/7/365 Nerve Centre® and remote support for all sites nationwide.

“This service ensures all onsite support calls are logged, managed and tracked, and that at any given time a skilled network resource is available. As a result we are in a position to guarantee expediency on resolution of issues,” says Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO, Integr8.

According to Fanaroff current market conditions dictate that decision makers use all available resources strategically and that having access to onsite resources makes a major difference to operational efficiency.

“Onsite teams ensure all internal and external information technology-related tasks and issues are managed, addressed and resolved by a single party. This encourages a thorough understanding of the business itself, as well as related process and overall vision. As a result general operations are tightened up and streamlined, which adds value to service delivery and ensures client satisfaction,” Fanaroff continues.

One of the key differentiators that distinguishes Integr8 from competitors within the growing managed services space is the access it offers clients to its Nerve Centre® and help desk operation.

Management at Integr8 believes in order to truly compete, service providers must offer quick turnaround time on response to the challenges that clients may encounter in leveraging off infrastructure.

“This separates the experienced from the inexperienced,” adds Fanaroff. “We have a long-standing and prosperousrelationship with Ideal Fasteners, one that has resulted in innovative onsite and back- office resources. Our role is to continue to prove the value of both solutions and guidance related to the IT infrastructure and management of these implementations by a skilled project team. This unit is equipped with the expertise, resource and level of experience utilising ITIL best practices.”

Mark Isserow, MD at Ideal Fastener Corporation, says the company’s relationship with Integr8 has been beneficial to both parties and reflects the essence of its ‘lifetime customer’ philosophy.

“ICT infrastructure and managed services, as well as Nerve Centre access, is at the heart of our operation. Integr8 has been our services partner for some years and continue to ensure that we have the very best level of support for our infrastructure. Their skills and experience is extremely important and our partnership continues to add value to our growing customer base,” says Isserow.