Lower costs and less risk – these are two of the main benefits associated with effective project management and a facet of operational efficiency that leaders in managed ICT services are pushing to clients.

The Integr8 Group’s project management office is reinforced with skills and resources to ensure seamless, hassle-free project management and infrastructure upgrades.

Management at Integr8 believe that in an information-centric marketplace that is influenced by rapidly changing technologies, it is imperative that a logical and structure approach is taken to implement IT projects.

More companies are looking to invest in projects that add the immediate value of advanced infrastructure upgrades. These systems tie up with key trends like social networking, consumerisation of IT, data centres, unified communications, mobility and Big Data, amongst others.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8, says the value of proven intellectual property in the company’s project management office cannot be underestimated.

“One of the key areas around Project Management is communication, which establishes a solid foundation for any relationship. This is most certainly one of our strong points, where the client is ensured of knowing at all times the progress to date and plans going forward. In addition, team members work together in dynamic unison to ensure that a smooth delivery is provided,” says Sussman.

The Project Managers at Integr8 work with a team of dynamic technical specialists who are familiar with the MSF Framework and ensure at all times that projects are executed with the client’s expectations as their main priority.

In addition, the team’s flexibility ensures that they are able to adapt to any requirement and environment.

“Flexibility and a cross section of product knowledge and related skills is critical within project management and execution,” Sussman continues. “Clients want a service provider that has the ability to work with various technologies and combinations. They want the peace of mind that the service provider can provider the very best solutions that are suited to their specific environment.”

Integr8 will participate in the Project Management Exchange (PME) Symposium, presented by Aurafactor, to be held in Harare on 19 July.

Cherie Stewart, Business Unit Manager, PMO/Project Manager (PMP), will lead a presentation on the company’s behalf, entitled Adding Value through Project Management in the African Context

“Integr8 has established a strong position in this competitive market. We are keen to engage business leaders representing key regions throughout the continent on issues and benefits associated with enterprise project management and related technology,” says Stewart.

Sussman looks forward to demonstrating the company’s competence in this regard, its experience in infrastructure management and integration, and the role that experienced service providers do play.

Africa is home to many emerging markets that rely extensively on advanced network and telecommunications infrastructure says Integr8. The company will emphasise the opportunity that exists in engaging with service providers with the resources to fulfil infrastructure management and enterprise project management requirements across the continent.