Management at South Africa’s largest privately owned managed service provider, the Integr8 Group, has celebrated the company’s eleventh year of operation. As they toast this milestone, joint CEOs Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff agree that going forward the strategy remains firmly on growth through the acquisition and development of the best professional skills available in the industry – in order to differentiate its offering through the unique delivery of core services.

Since its inception in 2001 Integr8 has grabbed the attention of the broader ICT and telecommunications industries by securing contracts with established market leaders and demonstrating a level of agility that had yet to be witnessed within a thriving marketplace. Integr8 quickly emerged as a force to be reckoned with within the ICT services and infrastructure integration space.

The company has channelled its energy and service offering through a centralised, high-tech innovation hub known as its Nerve Centre®. This multi-tier advanced platform is used to ensure that clients maintain 24/7/365 control over their communications and operations infrastructure. Integr8 is at the epicentre of client resource and relationship management – incorporating data management, comprehensive data & resource security as well as a host of other mission critical ICT services.

The combination of major skills with proven infrastructure has helped Integr8 make a name for itself and ensure that clients are able to leverage their technology in the most optimal and effective manner. The emphasis is on helping clients derive maximum benefit from using resources strategically and gaining more from less.

The executive management has steered the business through changeable market conditions and has always relied upon its core values to ensure proactive service delivery and a sustainable, flexible business model.

The success of this model is based extensively on Integr8 taking a proactive, not reactive, approach to client services. The company’s management has instilled a culture of service, the central ethos of which is to remain close the client at all times, to understand changing requirements and be positioned to help with integration and application of skills and technology to ensure these changes add value.

This culture has secured the company numerous industry-wide awards and accolades, and Integr8 acknowledges the contribution made by partners and customers.

One of the company’s most important values is the establishment of a ‘now’ culture says Sussman.

“The managed information communication technology services space is immediate and is based on proactive, quick and instant service delivery. Service providers have to keep up with advances in technology and trends and be in a position to adapt to these changes,” he explains. “That has been our approach since day one.”

Strategic timing is one of the company’s most effective strengths. From a technology point of view the priority is to ensure that solution development and integration is aligned with the needs of clients, with the main objective being to enhance business efficiency and productivity for cost savings.

Sussman and Fanaroff anticipate that the turbulent economic conditions globally are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Pressurised economies and currencies will influence the procurement of infrastructure and IT spend, as investors adopt a more strategic, streamlined approach to ‘do more with less’ and try to ease fiscal pressure.

This offers service providers within the ICT and telecommunications sectors an opportunity to generate greater levels of service, enhance appreciation for the role of technology and establish additional revenue streams.

With this in mind Integr8 will concentrate on ensuring that clients derive maximum benefit from their investment in technology. The importance of ROI is premium within existing markets.

Whilst the company has progressed rapidly in its short time of existence, management has in place a carefully considered growth and expansion plan. As Sussman points out, they are open to various possibilities and, for example, if it makes sense at some point to list officially, they will consider the move seriously.

“We have always placed a premium on attaining and retaining the very best skills available. This will ensure that we not only continue to add value to our markets, but also make inroads into key emerging markets across the continent and globally,” adds Sussman.

The company has established presence in numerous key regions throughout Africa, including Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and will continue to engage existing and emerging businesses throughout the continent.

Integr8 is entirely owned by the people who work in the company