DATE:  25 JANUARY 2008
Gender Equity

Integr8 IT leads the way with gender equality in the IT workplace

Management at Integr8 IT, South Africa’s largest privately owned national BEE ICT network integration and infrastructure management specialist, has taken a proactive stance to address the need for gender equality in the modern ICT workplace.
The company has put in place a deliberate strategy to recruit women in positions of middle-to-senior management.
Robert Sussman, joint MD at Integr8 IT, says the objective is to ensure a ratio of 50:50 by year end.
”We take the principles of equal opportunity and gender equality very seriously and have been proactive in our efforts to modify the status quo of individuals in positions of authority in IT. This is because the industry has traditionally been male dominated – something that obviously needs to change,” says Sussman.
At present women occupy a number of key positions within the relatively young company, including finance, HR and the Integr8 IT Nerve CentreTM , the latter widely regarded as the company’s backbone customer centric component.
In addition Integr8 IT’s management has introduced an management understudy program whereby female trainee managers are provided with the opportunity to grow into a position and develop all the necessary skills.
“This will help to ensure consistency and sustainability of our overall efforts,” adds Sussman. “Many businesses embark on similar strategies but are not able to continue. We hope that this initiative helps to set an industry-wide precedent that will encourage more female applicants to seriously consider a profession in IT.”