DATE:  05 MARCH 2009

Integr8 IT flies high with Amadeus

[ Johannesburg, 5 March 2009 ] – Amadeus GTD Southern Africa, a Global Distribution System (GDS) and technology provider servicing the global travel market, continues to capture local market share amid trying economic conditions internationally.

One of the key differentiators is the company’s long-term alliance with the Integr8 Group, suggests Peter Long, General Manager, Amadeus Commercial Organisation, Amadeus GTD Southern Africa.

“We have experienced consistent growth in a sector that is now under immense scrutiny, given escalating financial constraint globally. In addition to the leisure and consumer-focused component, we have noticed a steady rise in corporate travel investment. As such, it is of critical importance that we have a technology integration and managed services partner that is equal to the task of ensuring reliable, efficient support, expertise and a collective appreciation for connectivity and technology system leverage in commerce,” says Long.

Integr8 IT is into its fifth year of having retained and grown its status as the preferred technology services and support partner for Amadeus GTD Southern Africa.

A formidable alliance has been established between the Integr8 IT Travel Vertical services division and Amadeus GTD Southern Africa, to ensure optimised technical support in the provision of technology integration services to the global travel market.

The level of innovation, entrepreneurial influence, service and support has been extended via the facilitation of a complete African outsource partnership and service contract.

Chris Reeler, Business Unit Manager, Integr8 IT Travel Vertical Division, together with Peter Long, General Manager, Amadeus Commercial Organisation, Amadeus GTD Southern Africa and Robert Sussman, joint CEO at the Integr8 Group.
A core element of this service contract is based on access to the Integr8 IT Nerve Centre, a hi-tech customer support and management hub based on the latest communications and digital relationship management software and infrastructure.

Chris Reeler, Business Unit Manager, Integr8 IT Travel Vertical Division, says under current market conditions, travel management companies would do well to invest in tools to improve productivity, reduce costs and enhance value.

“Corporate tools have increased in value as there is a general trend to maximise travel spend. There are projects in the pipeline with fixed dates for roll-out, and we maintain a close eye on developments within the retail travel sector. Our alliance with Amadeus, a respected and established name in global travel and related infrastructure integration, is very firmly entrenched and continues to add value to a growing international marketplace,” says Reeler.

Reeler refers to a number of exciting projects currently in circulation and that, he says, will reinforce the partnership going forward.

“In addition to the ongoing support and high level technology integration at a rapidly expanding network of client sites, we will soon be rolling out Perimeter Protection Hygiene for tens of thousands of users. This is reflective of the level to which this company and its offering continues to grow,” adds Reeler.

Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8 Group, says the partnership offers considerable value to both companies, and empowers each entity to deliver service of exceptional quality to customers.

“Essentially, we both share a deep appreciation for the importance of service in today’s marketplace. The Integr8 Group has enjoyed a longstanding and highly influential track record of involvement within the travel vertical via its established services and support division and Nerve Centre operation. We intend to build on this association and contribute towards a thriving sector in which technology will continue to play a prominent role,” says Sussman.