Following the proactive response to a request for the installation of HP networking infrastructure (including configuration and cabling), managed ICT services provider Integr8 ensured that its client, Health Monitor Company, acquired the necessary redundancy fail-over and additional benefits associated with the new infrastructure.

HMCThe Health Monitor Company is a locally established actuarial consultancy which specialises in healthcare and healthcare financing. The Company’s value proposition to the market is its experienced and robust consulting team and back-office environment which, combined, serve to provide clients with succinct, understandable and relevant healthcare recommendations.

This capability and service promise is dependent on reliable networking infrastructure and communications capacity.

The Company required the installation and integration of HP network equipment that would represent a cost effective solution to meet the need for redundancy.

As a result of its long-time partnership with HP and its knowledge of relevant technology and application in environments, Integr8, together with HP, put forward HP’s IRF as a solution.

IRF is an innovative HP switch platform virtualisation technology that allows customers to dramatically simplify the design and operations of their data centre and campus Ethernet networks.

Other functionality of the solution includes the ability to simplify the design and operations of the network fabric, to flatten networks by eliminating the need for a dedicated aggregation layer and the ability to provide more direct, higher capacity connections between users and network sources.

“Using HP’s IRF we were able to install a new, completely redundant and simplified network core,” explains Robert Sussman, joint CEO, Integr8.

There is also a life-time warranty on all the hardware used. “So our client has the peace of mind that the equipment is reliable and will offer the advantages and benefits that are expected.

Eric Wilkins, IT Administrator at The Health Monitor Company, says that the installed equipment and infrastructure solution has met all immediate requirements and offers the level of redundancy expected, along with the reliability with which it is associated.

“We have been very pleased with the level of performance of the infrastructure to date, along with the professional service and reliable support that we continue to receive from our partner, Integr8,” says Wilkins.

Kevin Kaganas from HP explained that IRF is a strong offering that adds immediate value to clients, helping them with the functionality to control and regulate capacity and optimise the efficiency of architecture.

For Health Monitor Company, the experience has been exactly what was offered and the result has exceeded expectations.