As part of an initiative that adds to the growing excitement around the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, the Integr8 Group has added its support to a group of previously unemployed seamstresses from Johannesburg.

The initiative is called ‘Touch Rugby’ and has been organised to provide the seamstresses a work opportunity.

They are producing the balls used in touch-rugby, made out of recycled billboards and banners, which are then stuffed with plastic bags.

Organisers have stated that there are 500 women in Johannesburg who form part of the initiative. They believe that as news of the initiative spreads, and the number of participants increases, Touch Rugby will spread to other provinces.

Companies and individuals can purchase a ball for R50. Those businesses that make bulk orders can have their logo printed on each ball.

Integr8 is South Africa’s largest privately owned managed service provider. It has established a firm position at the forefront of managed ICT services – including cloud computing, virtualization, unified communications, amongst others.

The company has made a contribution towards the Touch Rugby Initiative, one backed by all Integr8 team members.

“It’s a very worthwhile cause and a cost-effective marketing opportunity,” says Lance Fanaroff, joint CEO, Integr8. “Our corporate social initiative programme enables us to participate and support a range of projects, specifically those that are designed to empower people and help improve the quality of life in communities. Supporting and contributing towards job creation in our country is paramount”